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Case Studies

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#22 Pumping Processed Fuel Oil
  One particularly arduous application where Cat Pumps triplex PD pumps have proved themselves superior to other pumps is in the production of asphalt road surfacing material.  The process requires crushed stone to be heated prior to mixing with fine filler materials and then coating with hot bitumen and the role of the asphalt burner pump is to provide a constant supply of fuel into the burner injection system.  Oil is pumped under pressure through a jet and ignited inside the rotating drum to heat and dry the graded stone. Operating conditions are harsh with the pumps often expected to run continuously for up to 10 hours. Read more
 #21 Barley Malting Cleaning
  The redevelopment of the Bairds Malt Arbroath in recent months malting has provided us with the opportunity to continue our supply of triplex positive displacement plunger pumps into the maltings market. Bairds Malt operates five malting sites across the UK, stretching from Inverness in the Scottish Highlands to Witham in Essex. The Arbroath maltings opened in1970 specifically to supply the local distilling industry. Today, Bairds’ total annual production capacity is more than 250,000 tonnes. Read More
#20 Pumping at Humbly Grove
Humbly Grove onshore oilfield in Hampshire, England has been producing oil for over 30 years, at a daily production output of between 200 and 400 barrels. Its owners, Star Energy, are now also using the ready-made infrastructure for storing natural gas in some of the former oil reservoirs.The Humbly Grove field contains a number of oil wells which feed into Star Energy’s recovery plant at Lasham and it is here that the extracted oil and water are separated, with the oil being transferred by pipeline for onward transportation by rail for processing at Fawley on the South Coast. After...Read more
#19 Operating Under Extreme Conditions
We are proud to have been selected to supply high pressure pumps for an ambitious scientific mission to collect water and sediment samples from Lake Ellsworth, some 3 km beneath Antarctica. Cat Pumps positive displacement pumps will feed high pressure hot water as part of an innovative borehole drilling system operating under arduous conditions.The British Antarctic Survey’s Lake Ellsworth Programme, which has been in planning for almost 15 years and which you may have read about recently in the media, will start drilling in December 2012 and over a period of ... Read more
#18 The Life Cycle Cost Advantages of the Triplex PD Pump
The global pump market is dominated by the roto-dynamic principle, mainly centrifugal pump, so it is not unusual for system designers and equipment specifiers to take this as their default choice when considering pumps for specific applications. However, roto-dynamic pumps have limitations in respect of the pressure they can generate and their overall operating efficiency, factors that can influence life cycle costs. It is issues such as these that make the Triplex Positive Displacement (PD) pump an attractive alternative for high pressure duties.There can be no doubt that if the most appropriate type of pump is selected for. Read more
#17 High Pressure Pumps For Nanoparticle Production
Promethean Particles, Nottingham is stepping up its nanoparticle manufacturing capabilities from pilot-scale production offering only kg quantities of materials up to a 100 tonne-per-year plant. This is to be achieved through the development of a reactor plant using high-pressure triplex plunger pumps from Cat Pumps. Promethean Particles has already demonstrated the scale-up potential of the technology with its pilot scale reactor system which has successfully manufactured nanomaterials continuously for 60 hours. A spin-off from the University of Nottingham, Promethean Particles produces nanoparticles using continuous hydrothermal.. Read more
#16 Cat Pumps Energy Savings Comes To The Seafood Industry
The demands of a centralised wash-down systems vary significantly depending upon the type of industry and application. Cat Pumps leaders in high pressure pumping systems used their extensive experience in this field to design a bespoke Wash-Saver, a multi-gun wash-down system that automatically matches supply with demand, for a leading player in the fish processing market. This fish processor called upon the expertise of Cat Pumps partner/distributor Axflow to carry out an initial site assessment and to offer a solution. Mark Redgrove of Axflow carried out the survey and found the current wash-down system had been utilising pitot-tube pumps...Read more
#15 Cat Pumps Setting The Standard In The Drilling Industry
Cat Pumps, the world’s most reliable pumps, are being used in the drilling industry by Rockbit UK Limited. Rockbit have been using C at Pumps for a number of years for both drilling fluid and foaming. In the drilling industry High Pressure Positive Displacement pumps are the most suitable pumps for delivery of high pressure water in the following instances: 1. Minimising Drill Blocking/Clogging; 2. Deep Well Drilling. Drill bit/reamer clogging or blocking can occur when drilling through sticky, difficult material like clay. The drill bit/ reamer will have the ability to discharge high pressure jets of drilling fluid to remove the clay as a thin slurry away from the drill head and drill string and overcome the.. Read more
#14 Cutting Energy Costs - Food Processing Plants
  A Cat Pumps Model 6831 high pressure pump is cutting energy and maintenance costs at a leading food processing plant in the UK. Supplied by AESPump Limited in June 2012, the triplex positive displacement plunger pump has replaced two aging and troublesome Pitot Tube pumps used for washing filter screens and supplying high pressure wash-down hoses. In its first year of operation, the Cat Pumps unit has reduced the energy costs from £45,200 per annum to just £13,300, and maintenance costs from £30,000 per annum to £2,800. Of equal note is that the payback period for this change-out was just 9.9 months.. Read more
#13 Super Duplex Pressure Regulator Valve For Oil Industry
  Cat Pumps (UK) Ltd is well established in the water treatment and petro-chemical industries where its triplex positive displacement pump range is the choice of engineers and companies who put quality and reliability before price. What is less known is that Cat Pumps also manufacturers valves to support the use of its high pressure pumps. When a proprietary valve will not achieve either the technical parameters or the relevant approval standards, then Cat Pumps will look to offer a suitable solution. One recent project that illustrates this approach involves the Wolverhampton-based company Ovivo UK Ltd, a world leading supplier of equipment and solutions for the treatment of water.. Read more
#12 Underwater Clean Up With Cat Pumps
There can be few more challenging cleaning processes, nor ones that demand ingenious methods, than that of remote cleaning marine growth from subsea structures such as the legs of offshore platforms. For several years Aberdeen-based HPR UK has provided a one stop shop for ROV’s (Remote Operated Vehicles) and ancillary equipment, experienced pilots and survey engineers to carry out inspection projects where the use of divers could be time and safety prohibitive. Amongst its range of specialist services are ‘Hi Flo / Hi Pressure’ systems for cleaning marine growth from structures to allow for clear visual inspection... Read more
#11 Fly Ash Filter System - Cloth Wash
  Cat Pumps (UK) Ltd is well established in the water treatment and petro-chemical industries where its triplex positive displacement pump range is the choice of engineers and companies who put quality and reliability before price.  One recent project that illustrates this approach involves the Stoke-on-Trent based company Micronics Engineered Filtration, a world leading supplier of equipment and solutions for liquid / solid separation. Micronics called on the resources of Cat Pumps when they were awarded the contract to provide a Fly Ash filtration package for Europe. The filtration package being supplied by Micronics was designed to remove fly ash from water using a filter cloth system. Read More
#10 Forrester Chicken Wash-Saver
  Most large food processing and production sites have a centralised hygiene or sanitation cleaning system, many of which feature one or more high-pressure pumps feeding a distributed array of wash-down guns and lances. Using high pressure water demonstrates advantages over chemical-based cleaning, not least of which are effective removal of deposits and simpler waste-water disposal. With many users moving to pressures below 60 bar, the objection against airborne aerosols has also been largely addressed. However, many such systems were installed at a time when excessive energy consumption was not even a consideration...Read more
#9 Brewery Keg Cleaning
  Cat Pumps high pressure pumps have been widely used for many years for removing labels from beer kegs. This article was recently published in Brewer & Distiller magazine and brings up-to-date news from the brewery located only a few miles from our UK warehouse. Amongst other advantages, this application demonstrates the customer satisfaction derived from the long-term durability of our pumps in critical process applications. Removing identification labels from beer kegs is a task that all breweries have to address and without the proper equipment it can prove to be a tiresome process...Read more
#8 Metal Powder Production
  Metal powders are used in a variety of manufacturing processes, including sintering, thermal spray surface coating and welding, and the fine powders required are produced using one of four main processes including Water Atomisation. This technique is employed by ECKA Granules, one of the leading international producers of metal powders. Their atomisation lines have the capacity to produce in excess of 3,000 tonnes per annum of Nickel, Cobalt and Stainless Steel powders in the most modern facility in their market. In order to keep its competitive edge, the company is constantly looking for ways to improve production...Read more
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