Odour Control Misting System

Odour Control Misting System

Odour control within the effluent and waste treatment industries is largely achieved by the installation of a misting system, whereby a very fine spray of water is released into the atmosphere either adjacent to or above the affected area. Fine water droplets prevent the release of obnoxious odours to the wider environment (Fig.1). It is a proven technology and there are very many types of systems available.

In order to create a mist, water is pumped through the spray nozzles at a high and constant pressure. For many types of pump, this can be a demanding or impossible requirement. In addition, users should also take operating costs into account as not all pumps are energy efficient. Alternative methods of creating the desired mist include compressed air. However, it is not every site that has a suitable compressed air infrastructure and compressed air is notoriously expensive.

Where an application only requires a small misting system, typically between one and 100 misting nozzles, a relatively small water flow rate is needed. Technically, it is very difficult to produce a pump to deliver such low flows at the high pressures required to produce a sufficiently fine mist. However, it is a difficulty that is easily overcome by our high pressure triplex plunger pumps.

Odour control specialists, EC Chemical Productions Ltd, switched to Cat Pumps some three years ago for their odour control systems and have seen a vast improvement in pump performance. "We have now installed many systems in the effluent treatment industry and we have not experienced any problems with the Cat Pumps," comments Wayne Hunter of EC Chemicals. "There have been occasions when we have been called in to change seals, but this has only happened when end users have allowed the seals to run dry."

"Three years experience with Cat Pumps has demonstrated that the 3CP, which we install as a standard component, is a fantastic pump," says Wayne Hunter. "It requires very little maintenance and operates on demand even after long periods of non-operation during the winter months."

EC Chemicals' ONT odour neutraliser range uses natural ingredients to produce a non-flammable, water soluble emulsion that is non-corrosive. When mixed with water and atomised into the air, it destroys common odour and gases by a biodegrading action. Unlike other chemicals, it is not a masking agent. "The neutraliser attaches to the odour molecules while airborne, knocks them down and biodegrades the odour molecules," says Wayne Hunter.

The true effectiveness of the ONT neutraliser lies in the size of the droplets. These are calibrated to ensure that the correct amount of product remains within the vicinity of the odorous compounds. Achieving this level correctness is dependent on the dispersion system at the heart of which is our 3CP plunger pump (Fig. 2). "We use these Cat Pumps to pressurise a water and odour neutralising mix, which is then delivered through high pressure misting nozzles up to 1200 psi," continues Wayne Hunter.

It is the ability of our 3CP plunger pump to maintain the constant pressure that contributes to forming the droplet size and its effective dispersal into the atmosphere. "We found that for other types of pump, this was impossible particularly where the application only required a relatively low water flow rate. Cat Pumps' 3CP direct drive positive displacement plunger pump gives us the smooth flow that ensures the constant pressure and performance reliability that we need for our misting systems," continues Wayne Hunter.

The 3CP pump has the capacity to deliver pressures up to 155 bar (2200psi) and contains specially formulated hi-pressure seals together with concentrically ground ceramic plungers in order to ensure maximum seal life. The high pressure seals are lubricated and cooled by the pumped liquid and the inlet and discharge valve assemblies are interchangeable for easier maintenance.


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