Advanced Controls

Advanced Controls

Custom System Advanced Control Options from Cat Pumps

Businesses today are becoming more focused on improving energy efficiency, the production process and reduction of pump life-cycle costs.  In order to achieve these improvements, customers are driven to new control equipment technologies.  Cat Pumps offers a variety of advanced control options with its custom pumping systems (Power Units).  Most of these control options are designed to help with energy cost reduction and production process control.  Some of our controls options are noted below.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD):

In custom systems driven by an electric motor, a VFD can be added to reduce energy consumption. A VFD controls the frequency being supplied to the motor, controlling the motor speed to match application demands at any given time. Other advantages of VFD technology include:

  • Extends life of system components by operating only on demand
  • Replaces electric motor starters
  • Soft start capabilities reducing power demand
  • Controlled system stoppage extending mechanical wear life
  • 50Hz and 60Hz capable
  • Factory programmed and tested
  • Controlling pump speed (flow) to maintain a target outlet pressure (PID loop).
    • “Sleep mode” shuts down motors when system is not in use (PID loop).

Other Controls:

  • Monitor inlet temperature and pressure with pump shut-down
  • NO/NC Low Pressure Seal (LPS) Monitor switch for signal integration

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