Benefits of Cat Pumps

Benefits of Cat Pumps

Long Life, Low Maintenance, Dependable High Pressure Pumps

In any pumping application where high pressure and a constant smooth flow rate are required, the triplex reciprocating positive displacement pump is arguably the most economical choice. Recognised for their reliable operation and flexibility, Cat Pumps’ triplex pumps have an established operating base that encompasses road and rail transport; construction; food production and processing; chemicals and pharmaceuticals; manufacturing; quarrying; re-cycling; steel production; power generation; oil & gas and agriculture.

Cat Pumps have an unrivalled global reputation for their robust, continuous-rated designs, quality of manufacture, high levels of energy efficiency (typically 90%) and long trouble-free operation between service intervals. It is these factors together with our ability to provide bare shaft pumps, skid mounted units or complete systems that have made Cat Pumps the pump of choice for plant managers and machine designers where continuous-duty performance, low maintenance and lowest overall cost of ownership are priorities.


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