Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins

No.ModelTech Info
00110 FRLong to Short Cylinder Change - Piston Pumps
002All ModelsInlet Pressure vs. Liquid Temperature
0033PFR-68PFR, 10FR-60FRPower Unit Drive Packages
0041024-1044V-Packing and Sleeved Piston
00510FR'B' Manifold and Stepped Seat
0083PFR-15PFR, 3FR-25FRMotor Pulley Selection
00925 FRM7 to M8 Piston rod and Seal
0111024-1044Manifold and Stepped Seat
012284,524,624,1024,1044,6024,6044V-Packing Inserters for Sleeve-Type Piston Pumps
016290,323,333,430,623Bac-cup Piston Assemblies
0173FR, 4FR, 10FR, 25FRDischarge Manifold Shims
020280, 333, 430, 423, 820, 1010Quiet Valves-Piston Pumps
0211020, 1520, 2020, 252014M to 16M Sleeve, Seal, Piston Rod
0227001-7032Regulator O-Ring Repair Kits
024All ModelsLubrication of Lo-Pressure Seals
025333-4304-Screw Crankcase Cover
026280, 290, 333, 430, 10FRThreaded Oil Gauge and C/C Cover
0275PFR, 7PFR, 15PFRPVDF Spring Retainers
030280, 323, 333, 390, 430Flanged Nut-Discharge Manifold
032310, 317, 323, 530 ,550Shaft Extension and Manifold Port Dimensions
033270, 279, 280 ,290Crankcase with Large Oil Cap
0343FR, 4FR, 5FR, 10FR, 25FR, 3CP, 5CP, 3PFR, 5PFR, 25PFR, 28PFRServicing Crankcase section-Ball Bearing Models
0357PFR-68PFR, 7CPServicing Crankcase section-Roller Bearing Models
036All ModelsIdentifying Your Pump
037323, 333, 623Machined Piston Assembly-Piston Pumps
038323, 333, 430, 10FRBlue Dot Seal and Wick-Piston Pumps
039390Flat Valves VS Quet Valves
0403527-3537Stepped Seat-Retainer with Coil Spring-Manifold ch
0413520-3535Crankcase and Oil Gauge
042623, 820, 10104-Screw Crankcase Cover
043All Plunger ModelsServicing the Low and High Pressure Seals
0447001-7023Tapered Seat and Piston
0455PFR, 7PFR, 15PFR1-Piece Plunger Retainer w/Stud-SS
046317, 347, 357, 1057Spring Retainer with Coils Spring
047All Gearbox PumpsBlind Bearing Cover-Single Extended Shaft Pumps
0487PFR, 15PFRExtended Valve Plug
0493PFR7, 5PFR7, 15PFR7Stainless Steel Hardware-NAB Pumps
0503520, 3527, 3535, 3537Spacer w/Coil Springs
051All 7PFR modelsM8 to M10 Manifold and Crankcase
0523PFR, 5PFR, 15PFR, 35PFR, 60PFRPlunger Rod and Stud Changes
053All Plunger NAB and SS ModelsLiquid Gasket for Seal and Valve Servicing
0545PFR, 7PFR2-Piece Seal Retainer
055All 1DX,2DX,2SF,2SFX,2X,3DNX,3DX,3SP,3SPX,4DNX,4DX,4HP,4SF,4SP,4SPX,5DX,5SP,6DX,66DX,67DXRemoving Pump from Engine or Motor
0574SFSet Screw and Hardened Key
05856, 57, 59, 60Fine to Course Thread Extended Valve Plug
0618100Throttle Controller Installation & Adjustment
062650-651Manifold and Seal Case Change
0632520CFlushed Pump Renumbered
064All ModelsBy-Pass Hose Sizing-3/8-2-1/2"
0652SF-4SFHigher Performance Ratings
066All 4HP ModelsDual V-Packing to Single V-packing
0673PFR, 5PFR, 7PFRBrass to Stainless Plunger Retainer
0683507NAB to SS V-Packing Spacer
069All 35PFR ModelsExtended Manifold Dimensions
0702SF, 4SFMaximum Performance
071All 4HP Models4HP to 5DX Conversion
0721050, 1051, 1057STG V-Packing and Seal Kit Update
0732SF,2SFXHi-Temp HPS-Plunger Pumps
074All Piston and Plunger ModelsTorque Chart
075All 4SF ModelsSleeved Plunger Rod
0762530, 2537Seat and Oring
0785CP5CP to General/Interpump Retrofit Mounting
079317, 347, 357Manifold Port Location
0803507, 3517Extended Discharge Manifold
0812530, 2537Seal Case and Wick
0826761Bolt Down Valve Plug
083All ModelsWinterizing a Pump
08460FR, 60PFR, 68PFREye-Bolt Relocation
08525FR, 25PFR, 28PFRM7 to M8 Keyway
0862DX ModelsCeramic Plunger
08715PFR, 35PFR, 60PFRMetal to Acetal Female Adapters
088All 3CP, 5CP Models6-Bolt SS Manifold
08915PFR, 18PFRMachined Valve
0905FR, 5PFRCover, Oring,Crankcase Change
0912SF05SEEL-2SF35SEELNylon to SS Inlet Valves
092All 2SF-2SFX ModelsCrankcase Change
093651, 661Seal Case and Female Adapter Change
0942DX, 3DX ModelsModular Unloader Valve and Seat
095All Stainless Steel ModelsGalling Prevention
0977001-7033, 7001.100-7033.100Tapered to Conical Piston and Seat
09815 PFRRetaining Ring Eliminated
0993520, 3527, 3535, 3537, 3521-3541CDischarge Manifolds
1001540E1540 to 1540E Moisture Protection
1017800, 7850, 7860Unloader and Injector Change
1027001-7033, 7001.100-7033.100Washer-Spring Washer Set
1043FR, 3PFRCrankcase and Cover Change
1055PFR, 7PFR, 8PFR, 35PFR, 60PFR, 68PFRSeal Retainer Assemblies
1067PFR, 8PFRCrankcase and Cover Change
1073541, 3541C, 3545, 3547C, 3841, 3841KSpacer/Coil Spring Design Change
1083531, 3531C, 3535, 3535C, 3537, 3537C, 3831, 3831KSpacer with Large Coil Spring
1093520, 3535 and 3545Discharge manifolds for plunger pumps
1103CP1120, 3CP1120.3400, 3CP1130, 3CP113.3400, 3CP1140, 3CP1140.3400Seal case modification
11110 Frame piston pumpsCrankcase and cover change
1143520, 3520C, 3521, 3521C, 3527, 3821, 3821K35 and 38PFR Spacer w/coil springs, coil spring, V-Packing cylinder, V-Packing spacer and spacer
115152R060/C, 152R080/C, 152R100/C, 157R060, 157R080R Series Plunger Design Change
116152R060/C, 152R080/C, 152R100/C152R-Series Valve Assembly change
1188 Frame to 68 Frame Plunger PumpsCrankcase Paint Change
1197693, 7693.100, 7694 and 7694.100Unloader Piston Stem/O-Ring Change
1207537, 7537.100, 7542 and 7542.100Unloader Piston Stem/O-Ring Change
1217PFR, 8PFR7 and 8 Frame Plunger Pump Bell Housing
1222SF and 5CP Stainless Steel PumpsDesign changes for 2SF and 5CP stainless steel plunger pumps
1237 - 8 Frame and 7CP Plunger PumpsCrankcase threaded side scews
1242SF05SEEL, 10SEEL, 15SEEL, 22SEEL, 2SFQ25SEEL, 29SEEL, 35SEEL, 42SEELPlunger Rod Assembly Change - 2SF/2SFQ
125All 35 and 38 Frame Plunger PumpsProduct changes to crankcase and bearing covers
126All 25 frame and 28 frame pumpsRear Cover Change
1273521DHS,3521DHS.44101,3531D,3531DHS,3531D.44101,3541D,3541DHSModel number changes to 35 frame stainless steel plunger pumps
128All 15 and 18 Frame plunger pumpsProduct changes to crankcase and bearing covers
1292SF, 2SFX. 4DX. 4DNX, 4SPX, 5CP, 6DX, 7CPReplacement pressure washer pumps - engine driven, direct drive
1307CP SeriesOil level inspection with dipstick for plunger pump 7CP series
1311XP Sereis120 Volt rectified DC proper motor wiring for 1XP series
1326011,6018,6022,6026,6028,6029,6030Paint change to pulsation dampeners
1333DX29GSI,4DX29GUIFModel 3DX29GSI vs 4DX29GUIF Differences
134All piston and plunger pumpsPiston and plunger pumps crankcase capacities
135All 25 and 28 frame plunger pumpsBolt hole changes to crankcase and bearing covers
136Models 8060 and 8062 to 8115 and 8120Electric Motor Replacement



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