Hydro Excavating Pumps

Hydro Excavating Pumps

Industrial Duty Pumps & Accessories for Hydro Excavating Applications

        Features and benefits

  • Long lasting operational life
  • Dependable performance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy maintenance
  • Extensive range of pump model sizes
  • Choice of head materials for fluid compatibility

Hydro excavation uses high-pressure water and a vacuum source to remove material. It’s also referred to as:

  • Soft digging
  • Hydro vac
  • Hydro trenching
  • Safe digging
  • Non-destructive digging
  • Potholing
  • Daylighting and vacuum excavation

Without damaging any expensive or hazardous lines, hydro excavation can quickly and safely uncover pipeline, phone line, fiber optic line and anything else buried up to 30 feet deep. Other applications include slot trenching, pipeline servicing, post hole digging, debris removal and excavating in confined spaces. Hydro excavation trucks run a demanding schedule Monday through Friday, and morning until night. Trucks require dependable equipment to ensure they are ready for job after job. Cat Pumps’ proven reliability makes them the pump of choice for hydro excavating systems.

With field-proven dependability in applications around the globe, Cat Pumps provides the best value for hydro excavating systems.


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