Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

The best safeguards against unplanned shut-down or system failure are good preventive maintenance practices and proper pump diagnosis. Cat Pumps triplex pump design offers easy on-site maintenance without the use of special tools, making a routine maintenance achievable without difficulty. Each pump has a Data Sheet, Service Manual and Diagnosis Chart to simplify the periodic servicing required. Every installation differs from one another, so a unique maintenance schedule may be required. Below you will find more information about adopting a proper maintenance schedule as well as how to diagnose any pump issues.

Custom Maintenance Schedule

The table above shows the recommended preventive maintenance schedule, however it is only to be used as a guide. The life of your pump and wear parts will vary by application depending on duty-cycle, pumped liquid, temperature, inlet conditions, location of installation and system accessories. It is important to monitor your system carefully and at the first sign of low pressure, examine your pumping system. Low pressure may be caused by system components other than the pump such as:

  • Clogged filter
  • Leaks from fittings or connections
  • Cracked or kinked hoses
  • Worn o-rings in safety regulators, check valves or relief valves
  • Loose or worn belts
  • Worn nozzles

If no problems are found with other system components, shut down system and inspect pump. Check for debris in valves. Change seals and record hours for your preventive maintenance schedule. Typically valves should be replaced at every other seal replacement.

After maintenance is performed continue to monitor all system components. Often it is other elements in the system that will be the cause of poor performance. In order to protect the pump, always inspect the entire system when there is a decrease in system performance. 

Pump Diagnosis

Each service manual contains a troubleshooting guide to help identify possible pump issues. You can also search our Troubleshooting and FAQ sections of our website to search/browse through common problems/solutions.

If you are still having trouble identifying a pumping issue, contact our experienced technical sales team Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.

Ph: 01252 622031

Extended Storing/Winterizing

For systems that are used in a seasonal application or as a standby system, proper precautions must be taken to preserve the life of your pump/pumping system when subjected to extended storage. To ensure optimum system performance, view the extended storing document below:


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