Gearbox Pumps

Gearbox Pumps

Industrial Duty Gearbox-Driven Pumps

Model 5CP3120G1 Gearbox Plunger Pump
Model 45G1 Gearbox Plunger Pump



Cat Pumps’ gearbox pumps are long-lasting direct-drive pumps that can be mounted on standard gas or diesel engines, running up to 24 HP. The gearbox drive has a 2 to 1 ratio allowing the pump to run at half the speed of the engine. This configuration provides a compact assembly without running the pump at high engine RPM’s. The gearbox is completely sealed making them ideal to handle a variety of environmental conditions including rain, dust, humidity and anything else mother nature throws at it. Cat Pumps’ gearbox pumps are commonly found on commercial-duty pressure washers and designed for continuous duty use.

Brass Gearbox Models:

3CP1120G 3.5 2200
5CP3160CSSG1 4.0 3500
5CP3120CSSG1      4.5          3500         
70G1 4.5 5000
5CP5140CSSG1 5.5 3500
5CP6120CSSG1 6.7 1600
5CP6190G1 9.7 1200
45G1 4.5 3500
59G1 5.5 3500
60G1 4.5 4000
56G1 8.0 1800
7CP6110G1 10.0 2000



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