System Matching Accessories to Meet any Application




A pressure regulator is used to accurately set and maintain consistent system pressure. For trigger gun applications, an unloader is recommended which reduces load on the pump and motor when the system is in by-pass.

Relief / Pop-off Valve

  A relief or pop-off valve provide your system with an accurate and reliable secondary pressure relief to protect your pump and system from damage caused by over-pressurization.

Pressure Gauge

  A pressure gauge is used to accurately monitor pump pressure. All models are glycerine filled for consistent and accurate pressure readings with brass and stainless steel options available.  We also offer a variety of panel mount options.

Pulsation Dampener

  A pulsation dampener is used to help provide smooth and consistent flow as well as increase overall system life.  Most models available are rechargeable and are available in steel or stainless steel.

Oil Level Indicator

Our oil level indicators can be installed in a variety of locations for convenient monitoring of crankcase oil.  Kits are also equipped with oil drain plugs for fast and convenient oil changes.

Captive Acceleration Tube (C.A.T.)

  A captive acceleration tube or C.A.T. is used to stabilize and maintain consistent inlet pressure when dealing with high temperatures, booster pump feed, long inlet lines or pressure spikes caused by regulating valves.

Inlet Filter / Strainer

  Inlet filters or strainers are used to catch standard water particles and debris from reaching and causing damage to your pump.  Removable bowl permits easy cleaning without removing filter or plumbing.

LPS Monitor

A low pressure seal monitor can be added to your system to alert you when the low pressure seals are worn and need replacement.  Either PLC or lighted versions are available to signal maintenance personnel the seals need to be replaced.


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