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Case Study: Converting Waste Lignin into Bio-Based Products

Cat Pumps (U.K.) were contracted by Nova Biochem who are developing sustainable alternatives to tradional petrochemicals using waste streams from pulping and agriculture. Their process is based on hydrothermal chemistry and requires high-pressure water, which is what lead them to contacting Cat Pumps (U.K).

To find out more about our customer's mission to reduce CO2 emissions and why they chose Cat Pumps, read our full case study.


Pump Quick Reference Guide

Cat Pumps have created a very useful, quick reference guide to our extensive range of high pressure pumps, to help you identify what Cat Pumps pump is suitable for your application.

View our Guide.

Introducing our new 7CP6165CSG1 Gearbox-Drive Plunger Pump

Cat Pumps engineers continue to expand the 7CP Pump Series by adding a gearbox that allows the pump to run at about half the engine's speed The design increases the pump's longevity in continuous-duty applications, allowing for an easy-to-assemble compact footprint and eliminating the need for cumbersome belts and pulleys.

To learn more about the 7CP6165CSG1 Pump, please view our Sell Sheet.


ATEX Pump Packages Brochure

We have updated our ATEX Brochure!

Cat Pumps have over 30 years experience designing, building and testing ATEX pump packages for use in zones 1 and 2 and meets ATEX 114 "equipment" Directive 2014/34/EU - Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Find out More.

Case Study: ATEX Application for Water Re-Injection

Cat Pumps (U.K.) Limited were contacted by an onshore wellsite based in the South of England, looking for a complete pump and motor unit that was able to deliver the pressure and flowrate required for their water injection "downhole re-injection" system. Following an online search, the discovered via the Cat Pumps (U.K.) website that Cat Pumps offer ATEX Pumps & Pumps Motor Units that were suitable for their application....Read More.


1731 Plunger Pump

Introducing the first direct-driven stainless steel triplex pump capable of achieving an unequalled 59.8 lpm. Cat Pumps engineers have built on the success of our brass Model 1730 and created the new Model 1731. The 316 stainless steel manifold and internal components provide superior corrosion resistance, and multiple seal configurations provide further compatibility across a wide range of fluids. We have optimised every detail to produce an innovative pump design with excellent service life. To find out more, click here.


Case Study: HTU for Cyclic Pressure Testing Application

The Department of Civil and Structural Engineering at The University of Sheffield were looking for a complete pump, motor and reservoir unit that was able to deliver the pressure and flowrate required for their cyclic pressure testing experiment, after a short search online, they discovered through the Cat Pumps (U.K.) website that the Cat Pumps Hydrostatic Test Unit (HTU) was the only suitable solution for their pressure testing application...read more.


Case Study: Cat Pumps Continues to Keep Drill Ships Clean

In 2016, Cat Pumps (U.K.) Limited supplied a Wash-Saver unit to a major operator from the Oil and Gas sector for washing down equipment on one of their drilling ships.

This global company, located in Scotland, operates drill ships for ultra-deep water and mid water drilling rigs. Cat Pumps was first approached because one of the drill ships...read more.

Cannabis Industry

Cannabis growing and production facilities are closely monitored to ensure ideal conditions are maintained while meeting government regulations. High-pressure misting contributes to the success of the growing and processing facilities. The pump is the heart of any misting system, and Cat Pumps are the pumps of choice because of their constant reliability and low cost of ownership. To find out how Cat Pumps can help with humidity/moisture control, evaporative cooling/temperature control, odour & pest control, CO2 Extraction, Foliar Spraying and more, click here.


Upcoming Changes with the 2014/34/EU ATEX Directive

The ATEX and DSEAR directives concern the safety requirements for workplaces and equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres. From 1st January 2023 it will be necessary to apply the UKCA(Ex) mark to indicate compliance to the requirements of the UKCA(Ex) Directive for goods placed on the market in the mainland UK...

To find out more about the changes to ATEX and how our pumps can help you, please read our full article in SOS Magazine - October issue. Read Here.


2021 Pump Catalogue

Cat Pumps designs and builds products to the highest quality level for one major reason: our customers depend on our products to keep their equipment running. Every design detail is optimised for long product life and reliable performance.

A wide range of pump options are available, including a variety of pump packages that meet various industry certifications and directives. To browse our full range of pumps click here.


Pump Quick Reference Chart

Here at Cat Pumps we have created a handy, quick reference guide to our extensive range of high pressure pumps, to help you identify what Cat Pumps pump fits your specific requirements. Please click here to view our guide.


Case Study: Cat Pumps Pressure Regulators Right for Chemical Industry

Cat Pumps (U.K.) Limited are well known in the Chemical Industry for high pressure triplex plunger pumps but are also becoming known as the product of choice for our range of high-pressure regulators. One of our chemical industry OEM's approached Cat Pumps to supply high pressure Regulators in both steel nickel plated (STNP) and 316 stainless steel (316 SS). To find out what our customer had to say and to read more, please click here.

Pressure Regulators

A wide range of pressure regulators are now available at Cat Pumps including the 7000 series regulator. The 7000 series regulators are exclusive to Cat Pumps and have advances in regulator technology not available anywhere else. Those advances make for a smoother, longer lasting, more precise and safe regulator. To find out more, please click here.


New Products 2021

Cat Pumps continues to build on its market leading position with the introduction of new products. Every new product is built with the same winning business philosophy: manufacture the longest-lasting most dependable products and back them with availability from stock. Contact us to learn why customers worldwide trust Cat Pumps to keep their equipment running. Click here to view our New Products for 2021.


Pulsation Dampeners

Cat Pumps offers a wide assortment of pulsation dampeners to meet the demand of any application. The bladders are pre-charged with clean, dry nitrogen to eliminate moisture and extend the life of the pulsation dampener.

By minimising pulsation in the system, components such as pumps, regulators, solenoids, sensors, etc., will see decreased wear and have longer life. Pulsation dampeners are fitted directly onto the discharge manifold or plumbed immediately downstream of the pump.

To find out more about our Pulsation Dampeners please click here.


Introducing our 1730 Plunger Pump

Every once in a while a product is introduced that changes the norm and the Model 1730 is just that. Introducing the first direct-driven triplex pump capable of commanding an unequalled 60lpm.

Cat Pumps engineers have optimised every detail to produce an innovative pump design with excellent service life. With a bell housing the 1730 easily attaches to a "C" face motor, allowing for a space-saving footprint that fits almost anywhere. Bell housings are available for IEC or NEMA Motor applications...Read More.


2560 & 2565 Pumps

Cat Pumps dependable performance keeps equipment running to meet production requirements and tight schedules. Given its durability, the 250 and 2565 can be used in a variety of mobile and industrial applications, such as hydro excavating, jetting, hydroblasting, central cleaning, equipment wash-down, among others. For more information please view our Sell Sheet & Data Sheet.

We always recommend the use of our Crankcase Oil in all Cat Pumps. Our oil is formulated specifically for our Cat Pumps to ensure maximum protection against wear, oxidation, rust and corrosion. Find out more.


 Service & Repair Centre

We now offer a fantastic Service & Repair Centre, where you will find a wealth of useful information about you Cat pump and pump system. Properly maintaining your Cat Pump is key to enjoying years of trouble-free service. Visit our Online Service & Repair Centre.

Cat Pumps is here to help you all the way, we are only just a click or a phone call away. At Cat Pumps UK we have over 40 years' experience in the service & repair of our high pressure triplex plunger and piston pumps, we provide the complete in-house solution for the wide variety of pumps we have supplied enabling us to guarantee levels of quality and service at a competitive, cost effective price.


56HS Plunger Pump

Cat Pumps 56HS Plunger Pump model is easily configurable to any application. From petrol driven pressure washers, to hydraulic-driven pumps used on hydro excavation trucks, to electric-driven units in a food production facility and everything in-between. This model is typically used for Water Jetting, Hydro Excavation & pressure Washing. For more information please view our Sell Sheet & Data Sheet

We always recommend the use of our Crankcase Oil in all Cat Pumps. Our oil is formulated specifically for our Cat Pumps to ensure maximum protection against wear, oxidation, rust and corrosion. Find out more.



Decontamination & Sanitation

Cat Pumps offers a diverse pump product line ideal for a wide variety of cleaning and sanitising applications. From small electric direct-drive pumps to an engine or hydraulic-powered mobile equipment, to large central cleaning systems; Cat Pumps has a high-pressure solution to fit the need.

Disinfectants that have shown effectiveness against human coronavirus COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)  include...Read More.


British Antarctic Survey Cambridge (BAS) Pump Overhaul - Case Study

Back in 2012 Cat Pumps (U.K.) were proud to be selected by British Antarctic Survey based in Cambridge to supply high pressure pumps for an ambitious scientific mission, in which water and sediment samples were to be collected from Lake Ellsworth, some 3km beneath Antarctica. Cat Pumps positive displacement pumps were used to feed high pressure hot water as part of an innovative borehole drilling system, operating under arduous conditions. Fast forward to 2020 and British Antarctic Survey have recently returned to Cat Pumps to request a complete service and overhaul of.....Read More.


Abattoir Ordered to Pay Over £11,000 for Hygiene Offences

Birmingham Halal Abattoir Limited has admitted responsibility for hygiene offences and been ordered to pay more than £11,180, according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA).To read the full article click here.

Most large abattoir's have a centralised hygiene or sanitation cleaning system, many of which feature one or more high-pressure pumps feeding a distributed array of wash-down guns and lances. Using high pressure water demonstrates advantages over chemical-based cleaning, not least of which are effective removal of deposits and simpler waste-water disposal. 

Here at Cat Pumps we understand the importance of Abattoir cleaning and sanitising; and how vital these are in food safety.

To read more and find out how Cat Pumps can assist with this, click here.



As the circumstances aroud the coronavirus pandemic are continuously evolving, we have set up a web page on our site to keep you informed of our current business development. Click here for a message from Cat Pumps leadership regarding COVID-19 and updates to commong inquiries.




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