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As the circumstances aroud the coronavirus pandemic are continuously evolving, we have set up a web page on our site to keep you informed of our current business development. Click here for a message from Cat Pumps leadership regarding COVID-19 and updates to commong inquiries.


2020 Pump Catalogue

Cat Pumps designs and builds products to the highest quality level for one major reason: our customers depend on our products to keep their equipment running. Every design detail is optimised for long product life and reliable performance.

Browse our catalogue including plunger, piston and ATEX pumps. 

New Products for 2020

Cat Pumps continues to build on its market leading position with the introduction of new products. Every new product is built with the same winning business philosophy: manufacture the longest-lasting most dependable products and back them with availability from stock. Contact us to learn why customers worldwide trust Cat Pumps to keep their equipment running. View our New Products for 2020.


Cost Saving Centralised Hygiene within the Food Processing Industry

This month Food Management Today magazine have focused on the critical role that Pumps and Valves play in maintaining one of the biggest industries in the world – the food business. One of the key features in their article was the Cat Pumps Wash-Saver. Cat Pumps Wash-Saver is an energy-saving concept for centralised cleaning, hygiene and sanitation systems featuring one or more high pressure pumps feeding a distributed array of wash-down guns. One advocate of Cat Pumps is Forrester Chicken, based in Cheshire and described as one of the leading UK suppliers of raw, cooked and coated chicken products to both the retail and food service sectors. Forresters have used Cat Pumps for many years, including a Wash-Saver with 2530 Pump to power their factory hygiene wash-down lances. To find out more about how we help Forresters Chicken click here. To read about Cat Pumps in Food Management Today's September/October 2019 issue click here.


Cat Pumps Sponsor Local School's South Africa Sports Tour

Together with some of our customers, Cat Pumps have recently helped sponsor a local secondary school, Perins School, for their sports tour of South Africa.

During the two-week period in South Africa, students have visited Cape Town, Durban and Pilanesberg. Pupils also had the opportunity to visit different historic sites throughout the trip, spend a day surfing and go on safari. They also played four fixtures of rugby, netball and hockey, against colleges based in Cape Town and Durban. However; the highlight was definitely the time to work with Ukhanyo Primary School and Masiphumelele High School, in the township of Masiphumelele, Cape Town. Perins pupils donated sports equipment and sports kits to the schools, as well as run multiple sports sessions to give the South African pupils a taste of what sport is like in England. The tour was a huge success and a fantastic opportunity that allowed Perins students to communicate with individuals living in a very contrasting setting.


Meet Cutting Plant Ordered to Pay £18,000 Over Hygiene Breaches

A meat cutting plant in the West Midlands has been ordered to pay more than £18,000 after it failed to correctly ID carcasses and used unclean trays to store wrapped meat. Read the full article here.

Here at Cat Pumps we understand the importance of the cleaning and sanitising processes and how vital these are in food safety. As this case proves damage to a brands reputation and the potential legal fallout demand strict adherence to good manufacturing practices. To read more and find out how Cat Pumps can assist with this, click here.


The Netherlands Trials No-Plastic Fresh Produce

A retailer in the Netherlands is moving ahead with its pledge to reduce the use of plastic, with its latest move seeing them remove plastic packaging from hundreds of fresh produce items, keeping them fresh by using dry misting. Read the full article here.

Controlling humidity can increase profitability and is crucial for keeping electrostatic discharge (ESD) from building up. Humidification systems pump water through high-pressure atomising nozzles, resulting in a fine mist that immediately evaporates (called flash evaporation), allowing moisture to be immediately absorbed into the air. The high pressure pump is the heart of the misting system and is relied upon day after day. These systems depend on Cat Pumps to keep their high pressure misting systems running effectively and efficiently. To view our Misting Brochure, click here.

Scientists drill to record Depths in West Antarctica using Cat Pumps

Using a hot water drill, scientists and engineers from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) spent 12 weeks in freezing temperatures, drilling two kilometres deep through the continent's western ice sheet, using hot water supplied by Cat Pumps model 3521C pumps. The data gathered by the research mission will provide understanding about how the region is likely to respond to a warming climate... Read more.

Alternatively, if you would like to read our Case Study on Operating Under Extreme Conditions, please click here or you can view our 3521C datasheet here.

Food Hygiene Offences: Meat Cutting Plant Fined over £43,000

Sandwell Foods, which trades under the name Halal World, was found guilty in Birmingham Magistrates Court on four charges of food hygiene breaches. "According to the Food Standards Agency (FSA), officials initially worked with the business in order to achieve improvements after identifying a number of failings." Read more.

The Wash-Saver cleaning system from Cat Pumps features one or more high-pressure pumps feeding a distributed array of wash-down guns and lances. The perfect solution to hygiene issues for large food processing and production companies. To find out more about how we can help, click here. Or to read a case study on how this has already helped within the industry, please click here.


New Model 7CP6160CS Plunger Pump

Cat Pumps has recently introduced the new 7CP6160CS Plunger Pump. With pressures up to 172 bar and flows up to 40lpm, this pump is designed for the most demanding high-pressure applications. This pump offers flexible drive options, as well as high and low pressure seals that are completely lubricated and cooled, greatly increasing the life of the pump. To find out more, click here.


Removal of Pallet Labels Using High Pressure Water - Case Study

The removal of labels from re-usable containers used in the food and other industries can be a time consuming and difficult process. A customer that specialises in the supply of cleaned, re-usable containers such as totes, crates and pallets contacted Cat Pumps to tackle a difficult problem they had with the removal of latex labels from plastic crates, used for meat and fish... Read more.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of Shower Components - Case Study

Hydrostatic (Hydro) Testing is a process whereby pressure retaining components such as valves, piping systems, gas cylinders, boilers and pressure vessels are tested for strengths and leaks. Typically a hydrostatic test rig is used to test components for industrial use. The term test rig is sometimes also referred to as ...Read more.

Mini Wash: What are the Benefits?

Cat Pumps energy saving high-pressure pump package has been specifically designed for single gun/lance wash down systems. This highly reliable, low energy consumtion pump is easy to service, with pressure control and energy/system savings acheived. To find out more, click here.

Crankcase Oil Changes

Please note that we have made some changes to the packaging of our Crankcase Oil. The oil produced specifically for use in our pumps is now available in handy 1L and 4L containers. The new containers have a window on the side with a Litres and Oz measure so you can see how much oil you are using and have left. The bottles are also a little more slimline than before which makes storage easier. The new part numbers and more information about our oil are available here.

Adjustable Inlet Regulators

NEW Adjustable Pressure Regulator

Cat Pumps has recently introduced a range of stainless steel adjustable pressure regulators for pressures up to 24 bar and flows of up to 284 lpm. These pressure regulators are ideal for handling varying water conditions allowing easy adjustment for inlet pump specifications. View our Data Sheet.



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